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    Age range: 3 months - 6 months
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kids swimwear, armbands & accessories


Letting little ones loose in the water can only ever mean one thing… it’s about to get messy. Whether they’re dipping their toes for the first time, or they’re splashing straight in, we have kids’ swimwear, baby swimwear and accessories to keep them having fun and to give you peace of mind. Got a budding water baby in the family? There’s even more fun stuff in our baby swim shop to keep them entertained. If you're expecting and want to join in with some splashy fun, we've also got you covered with our range of stylish maternity swimwear.

floating devices

Learning to swim; do you remember that? Your little swimmer is probably raring to dive straight in, but before you let them loose, put your mind at ease with some swimming armbands. Choose from kids’ armbands and baby armbands in bright colours (so you can spot them easily) that are simple to inflate and fold back down into their swim bag. Float suits and jackets are perfect for days at the beach or the swimming pool. These all-in-one suits and jackets help to keep them warm, afloat and will protect them from the sun while they gain confidence in the water. 

coveralls and accessories

We have a wide range of swim accessories to keep the fun going either at the beach, or in the paddling pool at home. Choose from adjustable goggles to help keep the water out of their eyes. For older kids, we have flippers for when they feel more confident. And, for baby, we have waterproof nappy covers and swim nappies. If you’re trying to get your little one used to the water, try a baby swim seat or baby swimming ring to give them support while they take their first dip.