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Encourage your toddler or preschooler to be active with our fun children's sports toys. Fresh air and exercise is fabulous for growing little ones, and toddler sports toys also help them to develop coordination skills. Children's sports games will start to teach them valuable early social skills, like taking turns and playing together.

Many of our sports toys for children will fit easily in any size of garden – you don't need a whole football pitch to set up a portable goal! Hold a sports day on the beach or take a game of tennis to the park with easily packable sports sets. Look out for games like hopscotch, which can always be brought inside into the hallway if the sky starts to cloud over. 

Have a look at our range of beach and garden toys for other outdoor fun suggestions. Need more inspiration? Our guide to toddler games will help you keep your busy little one amused. If they're still full of beans after all the fun, a whizz around the garden on a toddler trike is another great outdoor activity that helps their coordination and balance. Lastly, never forget that old outdoor favourite: a simple game of blowing bubbles.