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kids toy microphones

Bring out the performer in your little one with our toy microphones. A whole symphony of fun – and the many wonders of music – are just waiting to be discovered.

There are kids’ toy microphones with a stand, lights and sounds effects, and interactive features, in our collection. We’ve even got kids’ karaoke-style microphones and toddlers’ microphones. Budding artists can enjoy making up (or even recording) their own original tunes and lyrics or singing along to their favourite melodies, from Disney Frozen’s ‘Let it Go’ to the classic nursery rhyme ‘Humpty Dumpty'. They can even dance to the beat or bring an instrument to the mix – the possibilities are endless!

Playing with our children’s microphones has plenty of educational benefits. Not only is it a great way to encourage and practise self-expression, but it also helps with building important creative and communication skills, supporting early development.

Kids’ microphones are a wonderful addition to birthday parties and playdates. Mini musicians can prepare a concert for the whole family or bring together friends to form a band. Shop our applause-worthy kids’ toy microphones online now.