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Watching your little one learn new words and skills is one of the most rewarding parts of parenthood. From grasping those tricky ABCs to counting and problem solving, they’re discovering something new every day. Lend their early development a helping hand with our educational toys.

For the littlest of learners, pick bright, noise-making toys like activity cubes. With different colours, shapes and textures, they're really exciting and sensory. Designs that encourage them to reach out and grasp will also nurture their motor skills. Try a fun-packed baby activity centre, suitable from around six months, which surrounds your little one with colourful characters and shapes to grab at. Hoping to get them started with simple letters and words? Whip out a set of jazzy alphabet flashcards to show them as you sing the ABCs. Sometimes, you're all the entertainment they need. Our guide on which games to play with your baby will give you ideas to get them giggling.

We've got educational toys for two-year-olds that boost their fine motor skills and emotional development, like cuddly interactive animals. Your little one can press buttons and listen as their pal plays music, reads a story or explores the alphabet. Designs with corresponding books allow you all to read along together. Our alphabet blocks and frames are ideal for helping visual learners build a word or two (before knocking them down, of course). Educational toys for toddlers that encourage them to use their imagination, like colouring and handwriting books, will boost their creativity.

Our learning toys are constructed from things like wood and BPA-free plastic. These durable materials will stand up to enthusiastic pressing, chewing (hello baby teeth) and crashing into things. Luckily, this is all part of learning too!