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Toddlers love using their imagination. One moment, they're a dragon, the next, the sofa is their space rocket. Encourage their boundless creativity with imaginative play toys. 

At this young age, your toddler's brain is busy developing, and imaginative play builds essential connections in their noggin. So, next time you're flapping around the garden pretending to be butterflies together, remember that it's helping to stimulate their mental growth (and it's also great fun!). Pretend play toys like Happyland houses, people and animals help them make sense of the world around them, while toys with fun textures, lights and sounds will keep them occupied for ages. 

You don't have to wait until they're old enough to act out role play games. Your growing little one will love to pretend to answer their toy phone or roll a toy car up and down the carpet. Toys to encourage imaginative play for younger children include chunky, easy-to-handle toys like vehicles and tool sets, as babies love to see the cause-and-effect of their games ('I hit the cube with a hammer and it made a noise!'). And of course, most young children make a beeline for soft toys like the colourful ones from Lamaze, which can be both characters in their games and cuddly companions. 

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