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    Age range: From 18 months
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painting & drawing sets for kids

Get creative with our art and craft supplies, including paint for kids, stencils for painting, messy play mats and much, much more.

We stock children’s paint in a rainbow of colours for every artistic project. There are paint options for toddlers and baby-safe paint choices too. If you’re unsure on what to draw, you can use some drawing stencils for inspiration. There are lots of fun designs to discover, from animals to flowers to trains.

Things can get a bit messy when children’s paint sets are involved, so make sure you’re prepared. You can cover tables with old newspapers and floors with messy mats. You can also invest in a few children's art aprons to keep all clothing clean. Choosing washable paint for kids may also be a good idea, so you can easily remove any stains.

Activities such as painting and drawing have lots of educational benefits for children. Not only do they help to build fine motor skills and hand-to-eye coordination, but they also encourage self-expression, supporting early development.

Shop our painting and drawing sets for kids and children’s paint sets online now.