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sandpits and water tables for children


Can't get to the beach? Make your own! Our sandpits and water tables mean your adventurous little ones can recreate seaside fun wherever they are (and you don't even need that much space). Whether they're bobbing boats and mermaids about or creating spectacular sandcastles, there really are hours of fun to be had with a children's sandpit or water play table. You can even get a combined water and sandpit for that complete seaside experience.


Sand is irresistible for little hands to play with, so a children's sandpit fast becomes one of their favourite garden toys. If you're keeping it outside for the summer, look out for sandpits with lids (such as shell-shaped ones), as they'll keep the rain off the play sand. They also have the advantage of doubling up as handy storage for all their favourite sand toys. You can choose a wooden sandpit that becomes an attractive garden feature, or a smaller plastic sandpit that can easily be stowed away after a busy day spent burying small dinosaurs.

Make sure you have plenty of sand toys (and pirate treasure) ready for your excited little one – and whatever you do, don't forget the coloured play sand! And for even more outdoor garden fun, why not check out our selection of ball pits and tunnels?

Water tables

Small children seem to have one thing in common – they all love splashing about in water. A water play table is the perfect toy for a summer day in the garden. Choose from whizzy mini water parks, or go for a more simple water tray with endless possibilities for creative play. There are appealing little short-legged water tables for very young splashers, or sophisticated lazy river-style sets with all sorts of exciting obstacles for their toys. A combined sand and water tray lets you (sorry, your children) make the perfect-textured sandcastles. 

Our sand and water tables give your beach-loving little one lots of scope for exploring and experimenting, and generally being happily messy (outside). For other interactive ideas to help them play and learn, check out how to choose the best toddler toys.