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baby playmats & gym mats


Whether they're still wriggling on their back or fully sitting and crawling around, there's plenty to occupy your little one on a baby play mat. A baby activity gym complete with a cushioned rug is the perfect spot to pop baby down for some tummy time or to keep them in sight when you have bits and bobs to do. We have fun and colourful mats made by quality brands like Fisher Price and Baby Safari in a range of sizes to suit your space.

Lay your little one down on a baby gym mat that crinkles when they move to add a new tactile element to playtime. Mats that make noise help to stimulate baby while they have fun. A baby play gym with over-hanging toys and mobiles helps them develop coordination while they reach, prod and grab at bright objects. Your little wriggler will enjoy hours of fun bopping the soft toys, rattles and squishy mobiles that make sounds. And, while they're distracted, you can get a few tasks done or just relax nearby.

Can't decide which is the best baby activity mat for your little one? We have lots of advice on buying baby and toddler toys to help you find the right design for their age. As they get older, keep the fun going with a baby gym that they can sit up and bounce around in. These help them improve their moving and balancing skills while they jiggle and giggle all that spare energy away.