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cot mobiles


Soothe your little one as they drift off to sleep with a baby cot mobile. We have toy mobiles that use lights, sounds and colours to entertain or lull baby, made by trusted brands like vTech and Fisher Price. If you're not sure what other fun things to buy ready for your new arrival, have a browse through our guide to baby and toddler toys.

Wriggling and stretching is baby's favourite game, so encourage them to reach out with overhanging cot mobiles that dangle soft toys above their head. These are perfect for helping them practise their co-ordination (and for keeping them occupied for a little while). To lull them to sleep, pick a musical cot mobile. These play gentle lullabies and spin after you’ve put baby down for a nap or if they become restless during the night.

Toys that double up as night lights can help to calm your little one once the lights are out. Some can even project a light show on the wall to soothe and entertain restless wrigglers. Simply clip these mobiles onto the edge of the cot and begin the show. For fussy sleepers, take your pick from mobiles that can be set to timers and keep playing until your little one has gone off to dreamland. Preparing for a new arrival? Check your to-do list (and start ticking a few things off) with our guide to what you need for the nursery