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Entertaining your little one isn't always a walk in the park – especially when you're a little on the sleepy side. Thankfully, a baby bouncer from our range is an easy go-to when you need a bit of a rest. Your little wriggler can be popped in a baby bouncer seat from day one thanks to its supportive back and head cushioning. Choose from seats and rockers by brands like Fisher Price and Chicco that bob back and forth or side to side to soothe your little one.

A baby bouncer chair is designed to fully support baby’s developing spine. Straps keep them safe and secure while they gently bounce to their own tune or rock themselves to sleep. Every chair has cosy padding and covers so baby can feel as comfy as they would during cuddle time. Don't worry about those inevitable spills and dribbles – chairs with removable covers can be easily cleaned ready for baby's next bouncing session. Take your pick from cradle designs and sit-up options that can be used at different stages of your little one's development.

What's more, a baby rocker is more than just a jiggling machine. Overhanging mobiles help to entertain your little one with moving and touchable objects. Bouncers with soft toys attached mean they can bop along with a few friends. Equally, options that attach to your door frame bring a whole new dimension to playtime. Baby can kick their feet and spring along to their heart’s content while having the full view of the room. Once your little one gets a bit older, it might be time to help them on their way with a baby walker or jumperoo. If baby likes bouncing time, then they will be sure to also love our range of toys for babies, and when they are a little older, outdoor toys too!