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travel cot mattresses


Whether you're taking baby on their very first holiday or planning a long weekend visiting family or friends, a travel cot mattress will help to keep them feeling comfortable while they're away from home. You'll need a travel cot too, of course.

We've got lots of different types of travel cot mattresses to choose from, including ultra-portable ones. Inflatable mattresses are easy to pop in your luggage (or even a large handbag). You just need to blow them up once you arrive. Another transportable option is the foldable travel mattress, which should fit into your suitcase perfectly.

When you're buying your baby travel cot mattress you can choose between rectangular ones for standard travel cots, as well as oval-shaped ones for travel bassinets. We've got thicker mattresses for extra warmth and comfort, as well as hypoallergenic travel cot mattresses – ideal for little ones with sensitive skin and noses. 

If you're planning to do a lot of travelling with little one in tow, you might want to pick up a baby sleeping bag (or two) as well. These are super comfortable and cosy, and can make sleeping on-the-go easier – even in the back of the car. These are a bit different from the grown up version as they're wearable. They have thicker fabric than playsuits, and plenty of space for little legs to kick. 

If you need more help, take a peek at how to buy the right mattress for your baby.