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Little bedtime spillages are no big deal when you use a cot mattress protector. This waterproof layer stops liquids from seeping in, keeping baby's mattress clean, dry and hygienic. We have designs that work like fitted sheets, sized to easily pop on and off a standard cot mattress. Flat styles sit on top of the mattress to encourage airflow around the sides and underneath, which helps to regulate baby's temperature. Whichever you choose, pick up a couple for quick bed changes when you need to throw one in the wash. Have a read of our guide to find out more about which baby bedding to buy.

For your tiny newborn, a moses basket mattress protector helps shield their portable bed from spilt milk and split nappies. As your little one gets older, you'll need to upgrade to a cot bed mattress protector. These are especially handy during potty training, when accidents are more likely. As well as stopping nasty germs from seeping in, a cover lengthens the life of your crib and moses basket mattress by reducing stains. They're worth using, as a well-maintained mattress can last for up to three years. As well as covering it, try flipping it regularly too. This will help the mattress to retain its shape.

Just like fitted sheets, your baby mattress protector should be changed often to keep it fresh. Most can be popped in the washing machine at 40 degrees, and some are suitable for tumble drying, which makes life much easier. In between washes, you can clean wipe-down designs with some warm water and sterilising solution. If you forget the mattress protector (it happens to the best of us), most mattresses can be hand-washed. Just make sure it's fully dry before laying baby down to sleep.