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crib and moses basket mattresses


For those precious first few months after baby arrives, they'll need to sleep at your side in a crib or Moses basket. Acting as portable and compact little beds, these help to comfort baby, as cots can feel a little too spacious to begin with. They're also easy to pop next to your bed ready for nighttime feeds.

Many of our designs already come with cute and cosy baby bedding but, if not, you'll want to invest in a snug-fitting mattress (as well as soft sheets and a blanket or two). Whether your mattress is for a Moses basket or crib, the fit should always be the same: make sure there's no more than a 3cm gap on each side. For a bit of extra information on what your nursery needs, read our handy checklist.

Now for the squishy part: the stuffing. Most of our crib and Moses basket mattresses are made from gentle yet sturdy foam. This is firm enough to support your newborn's head and back, while also giving them a cushy place to doze. Foam is super-light to carry, so baby's bed will be a bit easier on your arms when you're moving from room to room. A lot of our items have breathable interiors and pure cotton covers, which help to keep baby cool and your mattress fresh. For an extra layer of protection against inevitable leaks, add a waterproof mattress cover. That way, you won't need to wash or wipe the outer casing whenever your little one has a mid-nap accident.

To help baby snooze the night (or hours) away, choose one of our mattresses with special features. We've got foam and mesh options that allow air to flow through the fabric, which cools down your little one's sleeping environment. Or to keep pesky dust mites and allergens at bay, go for one of our anti-allergy crib mattresses.