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moses basket stands


Watching your newborn peacefully drift off to sleep in their snug and comforting Moses basket is one of the joys of parenthood. To keep an eye on them while they snooze, pop their cosy nest onto a stand. Our carrycot stands put your baby at just the right height for night-time comforting – you can easily reach out and soothe them with a gentle touch.

Many of our Moses basket stands have curved rockers, or a smooth gliding function, for lulling your tiny sleepyhead back to the land of nod. A 2-in-1 design means you can switch between rocking and static. There are lightweight, portable stands, which make it easy to move your napping baby between rooms or fold it down for storage. Sturdy and compact static stands can be left in place in the nursery, so baby's bed is always ready. Our designs are attractive as well as practical – you can find natural wood or white Moses basket stands that will fit in with the rest of your nursery furniture. All the stands in our range will fit a standard size basket.

By lifting your little one's bed from floor height, you're helping them in a couple of ways. Firstly, it's warmer the higher up in the room you get, so a stand holds them in a perfect cosy spot. Just add a set of Moses basket bedding to keep them snug as a bug. Safety's important too: stands lift baby away from pets and curious toddlers, and have retaining bars to hold them securely in place.

Your child will happily stay in their basket from birth until they're about three or four months old, when they'll graduate to a baby cot. Find out more about children's beds and how to set up your little one's nursery with our helpful guide.