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Once your newborn comes home from the hospital, you’ll want to keep them close by at all times. Baby will need to be on hand for regular feeds and cuddles, so have them at your side in a cosy moses basket. This lightweight bed is easy to move around the house with you during the day, and slot beside you during the night. Smaller than a crib or cot, moses baskets give your baby a close and reassuring space to sleep in.

Our designs are fitted with snuggly foam or air mattresses that are comfy yet firm: just what a sleeping baby needs. Some are already kitted out with baby bedding in soft cotton or cosy knitted fabrics, decorated with sweet prints. If baby's a little on the tall side (every newborn is different, after all) choose a large moses basket – these designs are around 10% bigger than the average model. Oh, and if bedtime is proving a bit of a battle, a rocking moses basket might just send them off to dreamland.