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A bedside crib is a safe way to enjoy sleeping next to your baby, without any of the worries that come with snoozing together in the same bed. Sleeping next to, but not with your baby, has lots of benefits. The biggest one is bonding. Lots of mums and dads say that being able to cuddle, soothe and feed their baby with minimal effort helps to make them feel closer. If you're looking to kit out the rest of the nursery or your own room, why not purchase one of our comfortable rocking chairs or stylish and practical baby changing units.

For parents, it's reassuring to be able to roll over and check on baby without getting up. It means they're more likely to do it, too. Being next to their parents can make the baby feel safer and calmer, helping them to adjust to your sleeping and awake schedule. A co-sleeper cot is especially handy for breastfeeding mums. You can respond to your little one quicker, and it's super easy as night feeds are a matter of rolling over and opening up your nursing bra. According to studies, bed-sharing babies are more likely to be breastfed and tend to feed more than their non co-sleepers.

Choosing a co-sleeper crib instead of letting baby drift off in the same bed as you can help to reduce their risk of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). Babies who sleep on their back in a bedside cot, or a cot in the same room as their parents, have less chance of this happening. As well as having lots of brilliant bonding benefits, a practical one is that your little one gets their own baby bedding – so you don't have to wash your sheets after any midnight accidents. Things can seem like they're moving fast when baby is growing and developing and in no time at all they'll be ready for their very own toddler bed!