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You might have heard a bit about TENS machines during your pregnancy, and now that childbirth is around the corner you've probably got a few questions. We've put together this FAQ to help you understand what exactly these devices do, and whether they're right for your birthing experience.

what are TENS machines?

They're small, battery-operated devices that send tingly electrical impulses into your skin. They do this using pads at the end of wires sticking out of the machine. This helps to reduce the feeling of pain in the area the pads are stuck to.

how does a TENS machine work?

The small electric pulses can help to interrupt the pain signals that your body sends up your spinal cord to your brain. This helps your muscles to relax, and has the added boost of helping your body to release endorphins – its natural painkillers.

when should I hire a maternity TENS unit?

You can buy one but many people choose to rent a TENS machine instead. You should try to reserve it as early as possible and aim to get your hands on it at 37 weeks.

how early can I use the TENS unit?

You can start using the TENS machine when you feel the first contractions.

should I practice with the TENS unit?

It's a good idea to try it out when it arrives to make sure your understand how it works. You don't want to be fiddling with the instructions while you're going through labour. The pads can be re-used up to 30 times, so you should be an expert by the big day.

how do I rent a TENS unit from mothercare?

Look for the word 'rental' on our TENS machine products. You can choose the date you want your TENS machine rental to start, so we recommend booking it as early as possible to avoid any disappointment closer to the date. 

how long can I rent a TENS machine for?

It depends on the machine, so check the terms of the TENS unit rental before adding it to your basket. Usually we give you four to five weeks, with a one week extension if needed.

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