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nursing essentials


Natural, free and super cuddly: there are many reasons why new mums love breastfeeding their little one. Of course, it's not always the easiest skill to pick up – for a few expert tips, read our guide on how to breastfeed. To get these cosy mealtimes off to a flying start, try picking up a few of our nursing essentials that can help both you and baby feel comfy in this new routine.

You might have encountered body pillows while you were pregnant, when they supported your bump as you slept. Feeding pillows are similar, cradling your baby's back and head while they have dinner. They also help to take pressure off your spine, as you don't have to hold your little one up. Simply pop a pillow in your lap and use it to get baby into the right position. Their ear, shoulder and hips should be in line, and they should be facing your nipple.

Special nursing pyjamas and nightdresses are perfect for midnight feeds. They're made for easy access, with clips and slots so there's no need to pull your top up to get your breasts out. During the day, nursing tops and dresses do the same job, so you don't have to wear your PJs out to brunch (as tempting as this might be!).

When your little one has had their fill, it's time to indulge in a spot of self-care. Breastfeeding can sometimes be a little bit sore, so a dash of nipple cream is ideal to relieve any pain on your sensitive bits. We have lotions that are dermatologically tested and hypoallergenic, so they're suitable for both you and baby. To continue protecting your nipples — and to avoid any awkward leaks — look out for our breast pads. Brands like Nuby have options with waterproof linings and they can be secured with non-stick tape to help you avoid any wardrobe malfunctions.