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A sound night's sleep during pregnancy can sometimes seem like a distant dream. Up your chances of a blissful eight hours with our range of maternity nightwear. Stylish and practical, you’ll find stripy pyjamas, slogan nighties and slinky camis, perfect for lounging and snoozing.

Our maternity sleepwear is designed to fit you throughout your pregnancy and beyond. Soft, stretchy fabrics are comfy to sleep in and adapt to your changing shape from one trimester to the next. Plus, they’re snuggly enough for bonding time with baby when he or she finally comes along. Maternity pyjamas have waistbands that sit either over or under your bump, while nightdresses have curved hems that hang neatly all the way through those nine months. Choose from tops with T-shirt sleeves or cami straps to suit your style. When you’re packing your hospital bag, pop a two-pack of nighties in, along with a dressing gown and cloud-soft slippers, to make yourself comfortable on the big day. Check out our full hospital bag checklist to make sure you have everything covered. Not sure what else you need? Take a look at our top ten maternity shopping tips for some inspiration.

With your pregnancy due date getting closer, you’ll start thinking about nursing. Look out for styles that feature drop-down clips, buttons, popper openings and discreet panels for easy breastfeeding in the middle of the night. A nursing bra can offer you a bit of extra support from bedtime til morning too. Don't forget to check out our range of comfortable and stylish nursing tops as well!