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support belts & post birth lingerie

Support your growing bump or give your body a helping hand after birth with our range of comfy maternity bands. We've got pregnancy support belts from trusted brands like Belly Bandit that easily adjust to fit your changing shape. While you're still carrying your little one, pick a bump support with special knitted panels that help support your back while your front is growing. Our maternity clothing range features everything you'll need in the run up to the big day, from maternity swimwear to maternity nightwear and pyjamas, Mothercare has you covered.

Once baby's arrived, our pregnancy belts can help with core muscle memory while your body goes back to normal. Your little one may now be on the outside, but you're still having to hold, cradle and carry them around with you. While you breastfeed or snuggle baby (which will be about 90% of the time), wear a maternity belt to help your body take some of the weight, and to adjust your muscles to your new centre of gravity.

Choose from pregnancy back supports in breathable fabrics like bamboo that wick away sweat from the skin. Wonderweave fabric is great for helping your tummy to absorb your favourite stretch mark creams and oils. Comfortable to wear and machine washable, these belts are a helpful addition to your maternity lingerie

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