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Most of us wouldn't dream of wearing a bra to bed; however, this all changes with pregnancy and nursing. As your breasts grow and become heavier, they can feel achey and uncomfortable at night. A soft and well-fitting sleep bra gently supports your breasts, allowing you to get a good night's sleep.

When your bosoms feel sore and tender, even comfy PJs and silk sheets can cause irritation. A typical sleep bra is made from soft cotton. Instead of using straps and fasteners that could dig in, many designs slip over the head like a crop top. They're designed to protect your breasts from rubbing and support the extra weight that you may feel unaccustomed to. A pregnancy support pillow can also help you settle down, and it can later become a handy feeding pillow for you and your little one.

When your newborn arrives, your nursing sleep bra will become one of your go-to feeding garments. If you're breastfeeding, your bosoms will feel full and sometimes tender, especially just before a feed. Some mums find that they occasionally leak a bit of milk, especially at night, so a nursing sleep bra allows you to wear absorbent breast pads at bedtime. Nursing bras have cups that drop down for easy feeding access, and discreet non-wired support. If you're not breastfeeding, your breasts will still be heavy for a while, and a sleep bra helps you stay comfy until they get back to normal.

Invest in some snuggly maternity nightwear to go over your sleep bra for extra bedtime comfort, and to keep you warm during nighttime feeds. Not sure what other pregnancy and nursing clothes you'll need? Read our guide to buying maternity clothes for inspiration.