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non-wired nursing bras - 2 pack


Make baby mealtimes fuss-free (well, almost) with our multipacks of nursing bras. These designs are soft and supportive – exactly what your breasts need when they're feeling a little tender. If you're still deciding between the breast and the bottle, have a read of our breastfeeding guide for tips and advice on feeding your little one.

Once baby has arrived, they won't exactly be on a regular eating schedule. It's a good idea to choose a bra with drop-down cups that you can open on demand and clip back into place once your little one is full and happy. Non-wired nursing bras leave plenty of space for your expanding milk ducts, while options with thick straps provide extra support for your front-heavy physique.

While things are relatively quiet, it's wise to get fitted for your nursing bra during those precious final few weeks of pregnancy. This way, you're all set for those first few feeds in the hospital. As the busy midnight meals will kick in around the same time, make sure to invest in a couple of sleep bras to keep you comfortable throughout the night.