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Pregnancy tights are one of those simple items that make a huge difference to how comfy you feel. When you're putting together your fabulous new mum-to-be capsule wardrobe, don't forget to add this essential piece of maternity underwear.

During your early pregnancy, you'll find that your usual tights quickly become unwearable, as the waistband either digs in or rolls down. Our maternity tights provide a supportive solution by having wider waistbands than typical tights. A stretchy panel at the front of our maternity support tights expands to fit your growing bump, meaning the same size should last throughout your pregnancy. 

Stock up on some go-to black maternity tights as part of your pregnancy wardrobe, and you'll be comfy all day at work. A pair of nude maternity tights is just the thing under a maternity dress, for the office or an evening out. If you're looking for inspiration for stylish pregnancy wear, read our top tips for maternity clothes shopping.