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non-wired t-shirt maternity bras


With a baby on the way, your breasts should start changing around the six-week mark – and by changing, we mean growing. From that point until your new family member arrives you're likely to go up one or two cup sizes, so you'll need a lingerie drawer that can keep up.

Pick from our maternity T-shirt bras for supportive and feminine designs you can wear right up to the birth. We've got smooth pieces in subtle neutrals and playful prints that sit seamlessly under your tops and blouses. Non-wired maternity bras are designed to be as gentle-as-can-be on tender breasts while giving your milk ducts plenty of room to grow. If you've noticed your temperature rise a little, choose a bra made from pure cotton with a moisture-wicking finish that will keep you cool and dry.

All that's left is to find the right size for you. It's easy to work out your size at home with our maternity bra buying guide, or leave it to the professionals and book a free bra fitting at your local mothercare store.