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non-wired maternity bras for fuller busts (DD+)


With a little one on the way, chances are that you're expanding frontwards in a whole number of ways. To take a little weight off your shoulders, pick a few of our DD+ maternity bras that are designed to provide extra support. 

Made from soft fabrics like pure cotton, these pieces are gentle on tender breasts and hold everything in place without using underwires. This both reduces any irritation under the cups and won't restrict your milk ducts that are beginning to fill.

Most women go up a cup size or two during their pregnancy, especially if they're first-time mums-to-be. Keep a close eye on how your bra feels – if you notice any bulging, tightness or pinching it's probably time to dig out the tape measure and move up to one of our fuller bust maternity bras.

Our maternity bra buying guide can help you to work out your new size at home. If you'd rather get an expert opinion, book a free bra fitting online at your nearest mothercare.