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maternity leggings


Meet the absolute must-have pregnancy wardrobe staple: maternity leggings. These basics can be dressed up or down, and are so comfortable you'll probably be living in them for the next few months. You can get more tips on keeping you and your bump happy by checking out our essential items for mums-to-be.

The best maternity leggings can do double (or triple) duty. They usually come in versatile neutral colours like black, navy and grey so they're easy to mix and match with the rest of your wardrobe. They make an even comfier swap for your go-to sweatpants when you're lounging around the house waiting for baby to make their big entrance. Team them with a longline maternity top for relaxed shopping trips with friends, or layer them under a maternity dress for meals out. 

There are usually two different waist rises to choose from. Over-bump leggings basically do what they say on the tin – they stretch all the way over your growing tummy, supporting and hugging your figure. Some leggings are just like normal trousers, stopping around the waist. Everyone has their own favourites, so it's worth trying both to find out what works for you.

Pregnancy leggings are soft and stretchy, so they can grow along with your bump – for a bit, at least. Make sure you choose a pair that's the right size for your body and your stage of pregnancy for maximum comfort. Try to resist the urge to size-up – these slim-fitting leggings will look their best if you stick to the right size.