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You know the big day is just around the corner when you're ready to pack that hospital toiletry bag. It's wise to have this kit all good to go at about the 36-week mark, in case baby decides to make an early appearance. As well as some adorable baby sleepsuits, nappies and muslins (find out more about what a newborn baby needs in our guide), you'll want to have a few pregnancy toiletries on hand to keep both you and your tiny arrival fresh and happy.

First up, we have plenty of soothing lotions to add to your mum-to-be toiletries. Many of our stretch mark creams include moisturising ingredients like olive oil, alongside vitamins that top up your skin's natural suppleness. It can feel nice to gently rub it in during the early stages of labour, as it doubles up as a massage oil.

Once baby arrives, your breasts are going to need all the TLC they can get. Treat yours well from day one with a calming nipple cream. Ours are made from rich lanolin, which works by relieving the effects of chapped and dry skin.

Be sure to stick a few bottles in your bag for the new arrival too. A couple of hours after they make their big entrance, your little one will take their very first bath, which means you'll want to add some gentle baby shampoo and body wash to your list. We've got hypoallergenic options that are kind on delicate skin and contain natural ingredients like camomile. Once your water baby is dry, pop on some soothing nappy cream (another maternity toiletries essential). Just don't forget a box of baby wipes – you'll need these to clean that little bottom soon enough!