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what to pack in your hospital bag for baby


The big day is around the corner, and here's what to pack in your hospital bag for baby – you can snap it all up on this page. 

cotton baby hat 

Newborns can't really regulate their own body temperature, so they need to be kept cosy after they've made their big entrance. While you're enjoying skin-to-skin contact as you dry them off, a soft cotton hat will also help to keep them warm.

sleepsuits and bodysuits

Baby will need something to wear in the hospital. Pack a few each of sleepsuits and bodysuits in case of little accidents – that way you can swap any grubby clothes for lovely clean ones.

scratch mitts 

A pair of soft mittens won't just help to keep baby's precious little hands warm, they'll also help to stop them accidentally scratching themselves. Some newborns have surprisingly long, sharp nails and if they bring them to their face they could do themselves an injury.


Your little one can go through around 12 nappies per day when they're first born. Impressive!

cotton wool, gentle baby lotion and baby wipes

You'll need these extra gentle products for cleaning your baby during those nappy changes. 

baby blanket 

The hospital should be warm enough, but it's a good idea to bring a blanket just in case. This will also keep your baby comfy during cuddles with their new admirers.

going-home outfit 

When it's finally time to leave the hospital you'll want to dress your baby to face the great outdoors.

For tips on what to add for yourself and your birthing partner, our hospital bag hub is the place to go.