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microwavable sterilisers


When it comes to cleaning all those feeding bits and bobs, the easier the process – the better. With a microwave steriliser, you can have your baby's bottles clean and ready for the next meal in no time, and they have other handy features too. We've got compact designs that save on space in your kitchen, and they're easy to pop in your luggage when you're taking a trip. These microwave-friendly versions perform just as well as their electronic counterparts, killing 99.9% of bacteria. Being chemical-free, they’re perfectly safe too. You can also breathe easy knowing these are made from BPA-free plastic.

We have options that fit up to four bottles at once. Pop them in and, depending on the power of your microwave, baby’s bottles will be ready for use in between two and eight minutes. The bottles then remain sterilised for up to 24 hours if the lid is kept closed. Look out for styles that have clip-on lids to stop the water from spilling out of the sides when you're moving them from microwave to counter top. Lids with handles make carrying your steriliser easy too.

Some sets only fit bottles from specific brands like Tommee Tippee or Philips Avent, so it's worth checking your options before you buy. Take your pick from our space-saving designs. We've got sets that include ergonomic bottles, teats and brushes. These are perfect if you’re prepping for your new arrival and want to get everything in one go. Some kits come complete with sterilising tablets, so you can get baby’s meal sorted ASAP. As a little extra, some sets include a matching dummy to help with after-dinner soothing. Otherwise, we have plenty of separate soothers and teethers that your little one will love.