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highchair toys


It's so handy to pop your little one in their highchair while you finish preparing their meal – but how can you keep your young diner entertained? We have a great range of highchair toys designed for just that occasion. 

The best highchair toys are ones that fit neatly on the tray, and stay there. Suction toys for highchairs are a super choice as they can't be thrown around – no chef wants to play 'fetch' with a ball or teddy while the pans bubble over. Our range of suction toys are bright and engaging, with lots of contrasting colours and touchable textures. Baby high chair toys with mirrors will keep your hungry baby absorbed for ages and help to promote their self-awareness while you dish up. As well as keeping your baby entertained, these toys help them to work on those all-important fine motor skills. 

Older babies and toddlers will love flicking through a book while they wait for their food (and they'll feel really grown up). Look out for books with textures to stroke and flaps to lift. Then, when the food is ready, swap the toys for a stylish bib and dinner is served. Find out more about the early eating experiences in our guide to baby and toddler feeding.