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Nursing your baby is a blissful experience – although your achy neck and arms might start to tell you otherwise! Try one of our feeding pillows if you and little one need extra support. These squishy designs actually have multiple pre- and post-natal uses. Different shapes and styles are suited to different needs, but all will help to prop baby up into an ideal position for feeds. Still wondering which is the best way to feed your baby? Our breastfeeding vs bottle-feeding guide will help you decide what's right for you.

Look to doughnut-shaped nursing pillows to help lift baby up to the right height while they're on your lap. You can also place these designs around your lower back to give it some support while you're sitting in a chair. Options with ties are secured around your waist to help the pillow stay in the right position. These also double up as cosy places for baby to snooze or as a playtime support. Simply pop little one on the pillow under a baby gym and watch their eyes light up! Older babies can also use them as an aid when they're learning to sit.

If little one's not yet made an appearance, try a pregnancy support pillow. These L-shaped styles from brands like dreamgenii are specially designed to help you get a good night's sleep by supporting your back, neck and bump. They also encourage you to lay on your left hand side, which is best for you both as it improves circulation.

Many of our baby feeding pillows are made from 100% cotton, which is gentle on baby's skin. Choose from styles with colourful patterns and cute characters that will slot right into their nursery. You'll find lots of machine washable options in this selection too – handy for quickly sorting those spills and spit ups. Don't forget to pick up a few baby muslin squares to catch the worst of it!