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When you're breastfeeding, you already have the necessary tools right in front of you (quite literally). However, there are some useful breastfeeding accessories that can help the process go a touch smoother. From anti-chapping bits to storage bobs, we’ve got plenty of things to help you feed and nourish your growing little one.

For starters, there might be times when you need to express milk. This is when a breast pump and some storage bags come in handy. Like many foods, breast milk has an expiry date. To keep yours fresh for longer, just store it in the fridge for up to five days, or freeze it for up to six months. Breast milk freezer bags are pre-sterilised, and are designed to stretch as the liquid hardens and expands. If your breasts feel full and swollen and baby's not hungry, just pump and bag it up.

For some newborns, learning to feed may take a little extra time. Our tips on how to breastfeed your baby should help you get started. Once they can latch on, find a cosy place to sit in a supportive chair. Use a comfortable feeding pillow on your lap to cradle their back and head as they fill up. You’ll be doing this a lot (every few hours when they first arrive) so your comfort is just as important as theirs. Therefore, stock up on some soothing essentials. We’ve got nipple shields which give you relief from sore, cracked or inverted nipples and have a special contour to help maximise that mother-baby skin contact. After a feed, apply nipple cream to calm and protect your skin. We've got options made from 100% natural ingredients from trusted brands like Lansinoh. Then, to keep you dry throughout the day, pop on our discreet and absorbent nipple pads — some options are even infused with healing aloe vera.