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baby bottle sets


With a tiny baby on the way, there's always plenty to do – and a long shopping list to tackle. Tick off a few feeding essentials in one big swoop with a baby bottle set.

These come with everything you could need to keep your little one happy and full, including sterilisers and warmers. If you've already got a machine for bottle prepping, grab a set with some new bottles and a brush. Bottles that are ergonomically shaped to help you grip them are handy for those bleary nighttime feeds. Teats come in different shapes and sizes too. Some are made from flexible BPA-free plastic to resemble a breast, so they're easier for your little one to latch onto. Others slow down the flow, limiting the air baby can intake with their food and helping to prevent colic. To read more on how to bottle feed your baby, check out our guide.

Our bottle feeding sets that already include sterilisers make those midnight feeds even simpler. With a high-tech machine that sterilises up to five bottles, all it takes is the push of a button. Bottle-prepping machines are life-savers at dinnertime too. These squirt a shot of hot water into the bottle to kill off any germs. Then they perfectly measure and heat the water to make up baby’s bottle (impressive, right?). Most sets include a special bottle brush designed to slot in the top, making cleaning those hard-to-reach spots a little less tricky.

Bring a touch of fun to feeding time with baby bottle sets in playful designs. Some come printed with characters that baby can grasp at while you’re feeding them. To simplify meal prep, most have measurements printed on the side too. Keep your little wriggler content with a set that includes a matching dummy. This is just the thing for after-dinner soothing. Don’t forget to stock up on muslins and newborn bibs for the post-dinner wipe-down.