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bottle warmers


When you're preparing baby's bottle ready for a meal, it's important that you get the milk temperature just right. With a baby bottle warmer, this step is already taken care of. These little machines heat the milk the whole way through to that all-important body temperature (just how your newborn likes it), making sure there are no hot or cold spots. They’re also quick and straightforward to use – in fact, your little one can be enjoying their bottle in as little as two minutes.

To rid the milk of any pesky bacteria, some of our bottle warmers inject a shot of hot water into the bottle first. Then they fill it with just the right amount of warm liquid – all you need to do is add baby formula and you're good to go. We've even got models that have silent functions and volume controls (so nighttime feeds don’t have to wake up the whole house – phew). Digital displays and soft night lights show you which buttons to press, making those early morning feeds a little bit easier.

If you've already made up baby's bottles or food containers, use one of our designs with extra warming features. These can be set to timers so you know when they’re ready. Both Philips Avent and Tommee Tippee have options that let you defrost frozen milk. Just pop in your pre-prepared baby bottle and set it going while you soothe and rock your hungry little one.

Before your baby arrives, it's wise to collect all these feeding essentials together, ready for the big day. To get them all in one go, opt for a baby milk warmer set. These come complete with all the basics like bottles, teats and a formula scoop. And if you're not exactly sure what to buy for your newborn, we have a guide to help.