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If there are two things that your new arrival loves above all else, it's sleeping and eating (and their parents, of course). To stay on top of at least one of these needs, stock up on plenty of our nutritious baby formula. Whether you're bottle-feeding baby or using a combination, choose from our powders and ready-to-feed liquids made by some of the biggest names in baby nutrition including Cow & Gate, SMA, and Aptamil

Our milks are designed with particular ages in mind, as your little one's ability to digest different types of milk proteins changes as they grow. Starter sets, first infant milk and newborn formula are ideal for those initial few weeks – you might want to pop some in your hospital bag ready for your little one's arrival. These tend to be high in whey protein, which is easy for brand new tummies to digest.

Once your little bundle turns six months old, you can move them onto follow-on milk. However, it's fine for them to drink the infant stuff until they're a year old, so don't worry about going back to it if they're being fussy. Growing-up milk is designed for toddlers, and is basically an alternative to the standard stuff you buy for your morning cuppa.

Some other options are available based on what your little one can and can't eat – for example, we've got lactose-free and hypoallergenic recipes for babies who react poorly to mainstream formula. There are also hungry infant formulas: perfect for babies who just can't get enough of the bottle. These have a special blend of proteins, usually with added harder-to-digest casein. This helps to keep them feeling fuller for longer, so they can get on with their new everyday routine (snoozing, pooping and plenty of cuddles).

For more tips and tricks, have a read of our guide to getting started with formula or expressed milk.