My K by Myleene Klass

New Collections

Designing A/W19 has possibly been my favourite collection so far and I don’t say that lightly! The monochrome mixed right up with the mustard and grey hues just says fun to me. It’s a bright, bold collection full of the expected luxurious fabrics you and your little one want, through to surprise slogans and gorgeous hidden details.
True MyK all the way!

The best bit? It all goes together! Whatever the combination, you can actually let your little one dress themselves…or pick their outfit at the very least and know it’s going to be amazing!

Myleene’s Favourites


MY K leopard
print skirt

MyK Grey Tiger
This is one skirt that needs no introduction. Dressed up or down, the outfits are endless!

MMY K tiger sweat
top & joggers set

MyK Mustard Geek
With this duo in the wardrobe, they'll be ready for any adventure. Let's go be fearless!

MY K black
quilted snowsuit

MyK Zebra
Cosy but cool; it's time to layer up and dress to impress in this season's winter snowsuit.

MY K cub all
in ones - 2 pack

MyK Mustard Spot Frill
These little numbers have got it all; style, comfort and your cub’s name written all over them.

Home Collection

Your nursery can now look as cosy, luxurious and stunning as the rest of your Myk collection!

Think sumptuous pom pom blankets on sleek, bold nursery furniture with fun, eye-catching characters and details for your little one’s room. And all in timeless monochrome.

I remember the moment both my babies were born and how I wanted everything to look and feel as special as they were to me.

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The My K Story

The My K Story

I launched MyK back in 2007 when my first baby was a few months old. I had wanted to design clothes I would like to see her in. At the time, only Mothercare were brave enough to support my vision of black girls dresses, monochrome trackies and baby gro’s, leopard print skirts and cute little leather jackets. No retailer had even dared to attempt these designs which is hard to believe today as these items and patterns are now everywhere.

To be the first to do it and in such a practical, safe but super stylish, fun way has always been the MyK aim. Now, 12 years down the line, I’m expecting my third baby and excitingly watching A/W19 launch as well as continuing to trail blaze and churn out a whole new set of fresh ideas.

It’s been a wonderful journey seeing how trends have changed, how the collections have adapted to what you, the customer and your baby want and most importantly, it’s been a privilege getting to dress your little ones in the most luxurious, adorable outfits. Like my own children, MyK has grown and evolved but some things haven’t changed namely, the quality of design and the love and thought that’s goes into every stitch.

I’m immensely proud to be launching this season of Home and Clothing for MyK, ensuring that little ones all over the world get exactly what they need and deserve from the very start.