Little Bird by Jools Oliver

new for your little ones

I can’t tell you how happy I am to share my new autumn collection with you. It has a real vintage feel and features all the signature pieces that Little Bird stands for. I had great fun being able to play with our iconic rainbow in lots of different and exciting ways – there are so many gorgeous details within each piece! I really hope you enjoy shopping the collection as much as I loved designing it.

footwear and accessories

The story of Little Bird starts with a treasured gown from mothercare, worn by Jools Oliver as a baby and handed down to be wrapped around each of her own children. It’s in this spirit of timeless and practical pieces that the Little Bird brand was created.

With five wonderful children and years of motherhood under her belt, Jools also finds inspiration in her memories of the seventies. Little Bird is a celebration of childhood, mixing fun patterns with vintage motifs and iconic rainbows. From gorgeous newborn outfits and girls dresses to playful children’s clothes, every piece can be shared by brother and sister alike.

At the heart of the Little Bird brand is a family that truly values freedom and self-expression. It’s no wonder then that the collection inspires parents to live life in colour with pieces that can be handed down to the next generation.