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first walkers and crawlers


One tiny, tottering step down the hallway – one huge, developmental step for your baby! Now they're up and about, it's time they proudly put on their first walking shoes. We've got designs with super-grippy rubber soles that help them stay on their feet (rather than their bums) and are robust to cope with busy playdates. Just slip them into place thanks to easy-on fastenings – our shoes come with simple zips, traditional buckles and Velcro fronts that make for speedy morning dressing.

Of course, you don't need to wait until your little one takes those first steps. Pre-walker shoes are a great way of getting baby used to having something on their feet. Also known as crawler shoes, these have rounded toes to protect those little piggies and to give them wriggle room, as well as soft, padded insides. Pop on a pair with slip-resistant soles as they take their first wobbly steps in a baby walker.

Once they're confident, the fun really starts. With their first walker shoes, a fabulous world of footwear opens up. We've got a wide range of designs, from smart T-bar sandals to miniature moccasins. Your tiny walker will soon be sporting cosy children's slippers and cheerful wellies with handles, which make them easy to pull on. There are oh-so-cute boots, sparkly trainers and even shoes with fluffy pom-poms.

Having chosen your favourite styles, it's important to find a comfy fit that allows little feet to develop. Our first walking shoes come with removable insoles to help you get the size just right. For more helpful tips, find out how to choose the right shoes for your baby in our guide.