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newborn baby pyjamas - unisex


Your newborn will need to do a lot of snoozing in those early days, as they're so busy growing and developing. Keep your tiny sleepyhead cosy in our super-snug baby pyjamas. Designed to be soft and ever-so-comfy, our newborn pjs are made from 100% cotton that's gentle on delicate skin (and easy to clean after nighttime accidents). We've got mix-and-match options in calm pastels and subtle patterns as well as character and cheeky slogan designs that will make the grown-ups smile.

Our baby pjs have tops with envelope necks for easy pulling on and off. Elasticated cuffs at the ankle and wrist keep sleeves and trousers in place, but are stretchy enough to slip over active little hands and feet. Long-sleeved sets are just the thing for cosy slumbers on winter nights, while shorts and T-shirt combos help to keep baby cool in warm weather. It's a good idea to use different layers of baby bedding in their cot or Moses basket so you can respond to temperature changes. Not sure what else you'll need for the nursery? Read our guide to those all-important new baby essentials.

When it's time for that second or third nighttime change, you'll thank yourself for adding a few pyjama multipack sets to baby's wardrobe. Plus, one of the great advantages of pyjamas is that, if one end of your baby should leak, you only need to change one half of their outfit! All our cotton pjs are machine washable, making it easier to keep on top of the nighttime laundry. In cooler weather, your little newborn will need a baby bodysuit under their pyjamas: again, these come in multipacks, and are simple to put on, take off again and wash (repeat).