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size: up to 3 mnths - 14.5lbs
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newborn baby girls leggings & joggers


When your little explorer starts heading off across the floor, a pair of leggings or joggers will become your go-to garment. But this super-soft legwear isn't just for the older explorers – when your newborn is ready to come out of sleepsuits, leggings or joggers are great first 'real' clothes. As well as being comfy for your baby, the stretchy fabric of leggings and the loose fit of joggers makes them easy to slip onto wriggling little legs. Both are so easy to care for, and can be folded up small for stuffing into changing bags. Not sure what else you need? Find out how to get ready for your newborn.


It's never too soon to get your baby girl leggings. As we all know from experience, leggings are oh-so comfy and great for stretching your legs in. So, if your little one is starting to crawl or simply loves waving her legs around, these are a lovely way to help her move around freely. Made from beautifully soft fabrics, our newborn girl leggings are snuggly as well as stretchy. Perfect for playtime, baby leggings can also be worn under dresses as an alternative to tights. As a real bonus for the grown-ups, leggings are really easy to get on and off – perfect for quick changes.


Joggers are a looser fit than leggings – so no visible nappy lines here! Super comfortable for your little busy bee, our baby girl joggers are designed to move with her as she wriggles, crawls and bounces. These miniature versions of grown-up joggers have the features you'd expect from jogging bottoms, including a tie waist and ankle cuffs to hold them in place. Don't wait until your little one is actually jogging before introducing these go-to trousers to her wardrobe. They're made from cosy fabric and are easy to slip onto even the most reluctant of dressers. Look out for matching tops and bottoms to complete the laid-back look.