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newborn baby girls sleepsuits


Whether she dozes off just after dinner or closer to breakfast time, make sure your little one gets a good night's sleep with our baby girl sleepsuits. Soft, snuggly and warm, she'll be floating off to dreamland in no time wrapped in a cotton all-in-one. These one-piece designs come in a range of colours and styles, with patterns featuring much-loved characters like Peter Rabbit and Tinkerbell that at least the grown-ups will enjoy.

Designed for more than just nap time, sleepsuits are easy go-to layers in those early months. Cotton feels smooth against delicate skin, while poppers are perfect for those quick nappy changes in the middle of the night. Enclosed toes keep pattering (or just waggling) feet cosy, without any loose threads to catch on wriggling digits. Some of our newborn girl sleepsuits come with mitts attached to cover their growing nails. Others have slip-resistant soles that come in handy when she finds her feet for the first time.

Take it from us – you'll thank yourself later for investing in a multipack or two, especially when you're doing multiple changes per night. Tuck a couple of girls’ sleepsuits with matching hats and bibs into your hospital bag ready for those precious first few hours. There are plenty of other bits and bobs your baby’s going to need when they finally do appear, too. Our newborn baby checklist will help you tick all the boxes just in time for that special day.