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newborn baby boy hats, mitts and sunglasses

Whether you’re stepping out in the sunshine or battling a breeze, your baby boy’s head, eyes and fingers need protection. With our range of baby boy hats, mitts and sunglasses, we’ve got your little one covered (literally) whatever the weather. 

Our newborn baby boy summer hats are made from super-soft breathable cotton or jersey and have either a wide brim or front cap that ensures your little one stays cool and protected during playtime outside. Stripes and other seaside-themed prints will look adorable in your little sunshine’s first holiday snaps. Pop on a pair of baby-friendly sunglasses to protect their eyes from the sun's glare.

Back in Blighty, you’ll want a couple of everyday newborn baby boy hats and a knitted number, as well as some cosy mittens for keeping warm while out and about. Our multipacks offer great value for money on these sorts of everyday items. Look out for those that include baby scratch mitts; perfect for protecting delicate young skin from sharp nails in the first few weeks.