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combination car seats (group 0+-1)


Group 0+-1 car seats are sometimes called combination car seats because they're such a versatile option. They can safely and comfortably transport little ones from birth right up until they're four years old (or 18kg, whichever comes first) and can be used in a forwards facing or rearwards facing position. They're an ideal choice if you don't want to change your car seat as your young passenger grows.

Newborns start out in rear facing car seats, as this is the safest way for them to travel. The combination car seat is able to recline, so young babies are in a safe lie-flat position and can have a comfy nap en route. When they reach 9kgs (which is usually around 9 months old), your baby can move into a forward facing position. This isn't necessary, but you'll probably find that your older baby is more engaged on a journey when they can see more.

Look out for car seats by trusted brands like Britax, Maxi Cosi & Joie Car Seats, and remember to make sure that your chosen seat is compatible with your vehicle. Many rear and forward facing car seats are fixed using the ISOFIX system – pop into one of our stores if you'd like advice about installing this easy-to-use fitting. Find out more about buying an infant car seat in our useful guide.