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The sun's out, and it's the perfect day to drive to the seaside. With a little passenger on board, it's time to make a few child-friendly tweaks to your vehicle. Baby car window shades keep your child comfortably cool and covered, while blocking out up to 80% of harmful UVA and UVB rays. Many of our sets come in a twin pack: attach them to your back windows to protect your little one from both sides. You'll still be able to see, as our car sunblinds are made from mesh – blocking the glare but not the view.

We've got car sunshades that attach with simple suckers, so they’re easy to pop into place. On cloudy days, tuck them away in a backseat storage organiser from our baby car accessories range.

If you’d prefer to leave your shades in place, there are retractable designs that disappear into a sleek roller when they’re not needed. We’ve got blinds that even attach using static, and won’t leave any marks on your windows (clever, right?). For edge-to-edge coverage, try a shade that slots over the top of your door. With the car door closed, this design won’t budge, and it prevents any sneaky sun rays from peaking through.

Of course, comfy journeys with baby are all about the in-car entertainment. Alongside some colourful travel toys, give your child a friend to keep them company with our character shades. We’ve got designs featuring friendly bears that attach to the window by their nose, as well as shades which roll down to reveal other cuddly characters.

When you make it to the seaside, a beach shelter gives your little one a cool place to play. As well as shading baby from the sun and wind, it also provides UPF 50+ protection, making these tents ideal for picnics or nap time. Just make sure to pop on your child's sunhat and sunglasses too.