About Merifor

Merifor is a name with a history; a history of understanding, empathy, design and passion. It continues to be the pursuit of excellence and the vision for change. Our journey started in 1993. Those early beginnings were a time of experiment and invention. Being new to the cot mattress market there were no constraints. We challenged established thinking and we continue to do so today.
The Merifor team has a vast pool of knowledge, experience and expertise working collectively to protect the future dreamers of our world. Our vision is to create a world in which every child has the best start in life. We align ourselves with those who share our vision and beliefs, and in doing so, we create a better world for the generation to come.
The Merifor mattress seeks to protect your child, that most precious of gifts, when you put your child in the cot and walk away. We use our unique Ellergenic® technology and Merifor Allergy Protection™ to fight against microbes and bacteria in the sleeping environment. After all, it is the things we cannot see that are so much more harmful for the child, especially when the child is young and vulnerable.
The science of sleep safety is a dynamic process that continues to evolve. At Merifor we continue to invest in clinical research to protect those that mean so much to us, our future dreamers.