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Lansinoh breastfeeding range

Lansinoh began in the home of a breastfeeding mother, over 35 years ago in the USA. Rasheda Hagen was trying to breastfeed with increasingly tender and sore nipples. She struggled to find any relief from the products she found available on the market and was almost at the point of starting to wean her child. She was then recommended to try Lanolin by a health professional, but she couldn’t find anything available in the shops.

Rasheda’s husband, a doctor, helped source wool fat from a hospital pharmacy. She applied the Lanolin to her nipples and found immediate relief. Alongside her healing nipples she was able to continue breastfeeding. Rasheda went on to develop a form of lanolin that was safe for mother to use and for baby to continue feeding whilst the lanolin helped soothe the nipple. She started packaging it herself and giving to other breastfeeding mothers who experienced the same problem. Now known as Lansinoh HPA® Lanolin with over 160 million tubes sold worldwide, it’s an essential for many breastfeeding mothers.

Support and encouragement has been at the centre of the Lansinoh brand ever since, and has led to Lansinoh providing an award winning range of breastfeeding products that address the needs of all breastfeeding mothers, wherever they are in their breastfeeding journey. The range now includes products that care for mother’s breasts and help mums to pump, store and feed their expressed breastmilk.