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about Dreamgenii Pregnancy Pillows

Unlike other pregnancy pillows on the market, the unique Dreamgenii moulds around you and your bump, supporting the back and knees as your pregnancy progresses and sleeping becomes more difficult. The comfortable pillow encourages you to sleep on your left side which helps optimise foetal positioning for baby. What’s more, the Dreamgenii can also be used as a feeding pillow once baby arrives – so cost effective too!

Dreamgenii Pregnancy Support and Feeding Pillow is designed to be used from 20 weeks and is shaped to promote the health of mum-to-be, by encouraging her to lie on her left side, which is the best position for mum and baby. There is a back support to stop mum-to-be rolling onto her back during sleep, which can inhibit the blood supply from the placenta to baby. The pillow can also be used as a breast feeding support pillow once baby arrives.

1 in 4 pregnant women can suffer from something called PGP (pelvic girdle pain) during pregnancy, which is a condition that causes pain and discomfort in the pelvic area. Thankfully the issue can be treated, during which time Healthcare Professionals often recommend for pregnant women to sleep on their left side with a pillow between their legs, because this is shown to help align the pubic bone and alleviate pressure. However, one of the issues is that using a few extra pillows can take most of the room up in the bed! The tail of the Dreamgenii Pregnancy Support and Feeding Pillow has been designed to neatly and compactly rest between mums-to-be’s legs, while helping to effectively align the hips and provide the necessary relief without taking all the room up in the bed!