nursery tips: creating the best space for your baby

While your baby will probably sleep in your room for the first six months, lots of parents choose to like to have the room ready before baby comes along. Here are our nursery tips for creating a lovely sleepy space for your new arrival.

space to grow

It won’t be long before your bump is a tiny newborn, then a toddler, then an active pre-schooler. Have a think about how you want their room to meet their needs as they grow. Adaptable nursery furniture can save you money in the long run – a cot bed, for instance, can be used from birth right up to around four years old. Consider how you'll be using the room too. A comfy chair can make night-time feeds a whole lot easier. Later on, it’ll be the perfect spot for snuggling up with a bedtime story. 

little bird nursery furniture

the heart of your home

Neutral colour schemes and furnishings can make sure your little one's nursery complements the rest of your home. Is your décor traditional, contemporary or mix and match? Keep accessories consistent to reflect your style and make sure the room doesn't look out of place. If you want to add some colour, wall stickers are really handy. They transform a plain wall in minutes. And, as they can be easily peeled off, you can change the look of the room without needing to repaint.

a place for everything

Babies, children, and mess tend to go hand-in-hand. While it would be nice to clap your hands Mary Poppins style and have everything jump magically back into place, that sadly doesn’t work (we’ve tried). Having plenty of easy-to-access storage space does help to keep the clutter contained though. Look for a changing table with built-in drawers. Some come with a removable changing top, converting to a standard chest of drawers when your baby is potty trained. Storage baskets are also really useful. Keep one for nappies, another for creams, lotions and potions, a couple for toys and at least one for miscellaneous bits and bobs.

mum and baby in a mothercare nursing chair

calmly does it

You want your little one’s nursery to be a peaceful haven, where they can (hopefully) drift off to sleep with as little distraction as possible after 6 months of age when they start to sleep in their own room. Drown out any background racket with a fan or white noise and keep favourite toys within sight of the cot to reassure your baby if they do get woken up. A soothing cot mobile, which plays gentle music, may help your child to get to sleep if you make it part of their routine.

mood lighting

You’ll be paying many a night-time visit to your little one’s nursery, so some handy nursery accessories may be just what you need. You’ll need enough light to see by, but not so much that it wakes your baby up fully. Us grown-ups find it difficult to fall asleep with a bright light on, and babies are just the same. A dimmable lamp is a good idea, as it stops your baby staring into an overhead light while they’re having their nappy changed. Blackout blinds can also darken a room for daytime naps (yours included).

If you need some more nursery tips, help choosing the right mattress for your nursery, or not sure how many sheets to buy? You'll find plenty more handy tips in our nursery buying guides.


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