welcome to the world, little one: new baby essentials

The first few weeks as a new parent are a whirlwind – late nights, nappy changes and all-encompassing love. You'll want to spend every second cuddling your bundle (as well as catching up on sleep). Stock up on these essentials before your due date, and you can cut emergency trips to the shop out of your schedule.

cosy clothing

Between spit-ups, spilt milk and split nappies, babies go through a lot of clothes. Start with six sleepsuits, six bodysuits and six pairs of socks. Add a couple of pairs of scratch mitts – newborn's nails are surprisingly sharp. A hat will help them stay snug, and blankets are handy for keeping you both warm during night feeds.

big changes

Stock up on nappies so you don't have to make any late-night runs to the supermarket. Grab a few different brands – that way, you'll quickly work out which one is best for your little one. Nappies go from size zero (for preemie or very small babies) up to size six, and you choose depending on your baby's weight. Buy some nappy cream to protect their sensitive skin from nappy rash too.

fed and watered

If you've decided to breastfeed, pick up a pump. This allows you to express milk so that other people can feed baby when you're not around. Buy four bottles to store milk in, plus a steriliser to keep the bottles clean and germ free.

travelling together

Install a car seat before your baby is born, as the hospital won't let you drive them home without one. Have a pram at the ready too – you'll soon want to show your little one to the world. Babies need to lie flat until they're three to six months old, so make sure it reclines fully.

time to snooze

A moses basket is a safe, cosy and portable sleeping space for new babies. You'll also need a bedside cot to keep them close while you're catching 40 winks. A monitor will give you peace of mind, allowing you to keep an eye (or ear) on them while you're in different rooms. Pick up a couple of swaddles, too. Made in the perfect shape to wrap snugly around your new addition, they can help comfort and soothe babies so everyone gets more sleep during those early days.

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