grow, baby, grow: keeping up with little wardrobes

If there's one thing that babies are really good at (aside from cute wriggles and gurgles), it's growing. Your little one will grow more in their first year than at any other time of their life, which is why they need so much nourishing milk and sleep.

To keep them warm and comfy, you'll need to invest in some cosy newborn baby clothes – and know when to take them up a size or two.

baby’s first wardrobe

During the first few months, your little one will live in sleepsuits. These are usually made from soft, breathable fabrics like cotton. Plus, they have poppers around the legs to make changes super speedy. Baby will sleep in these too, so having between six and eight is a smart move.

other newborn essentials

• vests: these can be layered during winter or worn alone on hot days
• cardigans: choose designs in cotton or wool, as they are kind on sensitive skin
• hats and socks: pick ones in close knits to keep tiny fingers and toes safe

Keep an eye out for sleeves being too snug or trousers leaving a mark on the tummy. These are tell-tale signs that baby needs to go up a size.

outfits for six-month-olds

Once your little one has hit the half-year mark, their birth weight will have roughly doubled. This is when they might be ready to try some solid (mushy) foods, and they could be trying to sit up and roll onto their tummy too!

They're slowly (but surely) starting to move, so their baby clothes should be wriggle-friendly. Look out for trousers and skirts with stretchy waistbands and shoes with soft soles.

dressing a one-year-old

Once baby hits their first whole digit (bring out the party streamers), their birth weight will have tripled. They’ll now be about one and a half times the length they were when they arrived in the world.

When you're picking baby winter clothes, dressing is all about layers: think wool tights, jumpers and a snuggly coat or a padded all-in-one. For summer, lightweight cottons and jerseys can help to keep them cool. Go for loose fits like smock dresses, T-shirts or even just vests. If you're off to the park, make sure your little one has a sun hat to protect their face and neck. Oh, and don't forget to treasure some special outfits in a memory box to look back on when they're 18!

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